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you’re a cyclist and you don’t even know it

I can’t explain this feeling right now. It’s like someone opened my eyes and seeing things for what they truly are, at least from my own truth. Everyone is just beautiful, alive and unique. Scrolled through social media and how everyone’s on their own journey, whether that’s riding an elephant, exploring their own fashion and sometimes with mascara smeared eyes. Some people are grabbing life by its horns and some are on the slow phase.

And somehow, everything just flows, it continues on. Like a cycle, with no end. I am comforted. It feels peaceful. That we are energies that flow from one to the next. And breathe…

happiness is our birthright

Oh how I’ve missed writing up on here. I come back because of this, but also out of necessity. I have been feeling happy for the most part after a hard couple of months dealing with health anxiety. But, I write to you because in whatever we face in this human world, lies a lesson waiting to be learnt, but of course you knew this already.

I’m currently listening to 432hz healing music, and this has always brought the truth out of me. Try it and get in touch with who you really are. It’s really good music to listen to as you imagine floating in space!

In the weeks that I was going through medical tests, the support of loved ones have truly helped me. Their love really eased my pain and my worries, but hearing “you are going to be fine like always” has its limits. It’s like putting tape over water gushing out of a broken pipe instead of turning the water off and really finding where the broken part of it is. I was torn. Torn between finding relief and comfort from others outside when all the answers to our own problems could only be found deep within us. Remember?

I started listening to The Secret. The book about the law of attraction explaining how our life is governed by our thoughts because we are like radios, sending out frequencies or requests to our universe that fulfils them. It all made sense to me because I have been so negative and no wonder negative things started manifesting in my life. Even if you don’t say thoughts out loud, if your headspace is predominantly black, dark and lonely, you’re bound to bring this to reality.

This awareness has changed my life. It wasn’t the first time I have heard of it, but it has really forced me to reflect on the link between my thoughts and my reality. How I see the world is how I thought. How different could my life have been if right from the very beginning I knew, I knew that I had the power. The power of writing my own life.

I strongly believe this is a truth that we forget once we are reborn into the earth. It takes some time for some of us to learn again that we are such powerful  energies, made and bore from the universe or god himself. Thus, patience, for the deep learners out there, this is what we need. Patience to let life unfold it’s lesson.

Happiness is our birthright. That’s a statement some of us don’t believe. For some, they chose to bring onto themselves the trials in their lives, a cleansing and refining by fire. Some souls are lost, without having the guidance from their upbringing they get depressed because they’re looking for answers and they cannot see, feel or hear it. And then there are some who completely embrace their lives, the shortness and fullness of it all and dedicate themselves to finding and choosing happiness every single day.

The beauty of the different paths is that all of it leads to happiness. Our enlightenment that we ourselves are the universe. We are but energies in human form, each uniquely in their own spiritual journeys.

I see energy as a spectrum, with love as one of the extremes.